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Confessions of an Internet Snoop

I became a snoop because I have a knack for finding just about anything or anyone on the Internet. I've used this line a lot in job interviews. It landed ...

Photo: Army Heritage Museum Collection

The Answer

In the coming weeks we’ll be posting a new story. In the meantime, here’s a very relevant quote for everyone:     “Men, Special Forces is a mistress. Your wives ...

Its Cold Out There

I was going to try and respond to the recent Associated Press / Washington Post article (authored by Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo) related to Robert Levinson and my views ...

Help Bob Levinson خواهش ميكنيم به – Our Unfinished Business

16 May 2013 Please take a minute and watch this video before reading the rest of this blog post. Robert Levinson is approaching the 7 year mark as a hostage ...

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