What's in a logo?

If you have read any of the Inglorious Amateurs posts previously you might notice that our site has gone through a bit of an overhaul of late. One large thing we decided to change was our logo. We wanted something that better depicted what we feel Inglorious Amateurs is about.

We thought it best to explain our logo, as we have had a few questions about it. We think its great and it has special meaning to us. We hope you'll appreciate is as much as we do.

As former Intelligence Officers and fans of history, the imagery and insignias from the Office of Strategic Services hold a special place in our hearts. When looking for a distinct logo that incorporated aspects of the OSS and CIA we stumbled upon a China - Burma - India Detachment 101 insignia. Obviously the red, white and blue shield drew our attention.

 CBI Insignia, photo via  CBI Theater site

CBI Insignia, photo via CBI Theater site

The original, depicted here in a photo from the very thorough CBI Theater website was created by Colonel Frank Dorn in 1942.

As stated on the previously mentioned CBI Theater site, "Starting with the common red, white and blue U.S. shield, the talented Dorn came up with a design representative of the CBI Theater.  He simplified the shield and replaced the stars of the United States with the twelve-pointed Chinese Sun and the Star of India.  When asked about the lack of representation for Burma, Dorn said: "The emblem of Burma was a peacock, so to hell with that!  Besides, we lost the lousy place anyway."

Some might note that the CBI insignia wasn't exactly an OSS one, but seeing as we came from military and Federal service before our Agency time, it all kind of made sense.

To make up the rest of our new design we chose to add the compass rose from the CIA insignia. As noted on the Agency seal page, the radiating spokes of compass depict the convergence of intelligence data from all areas of the world to a central point.

The star on the right is taken from the Memorial Wall, in tribute to those that lost their lives in secret service to our nation.

We strive to honor the Glorious Amateurs that came before, pay tribute to those more Inglorious of us who have recently served, and those serving today.

Can you find the easter egg?

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