Vexing Vetting

I think most within the CIA would be the first to point out that executing any Covert Action program that includes the arming and training of a foreign fighting force is a sketchy endeavor. Its also at the core of what the Agency was enacted to do, and takes its queues from its predecessor, in the OSS arming and training of resistance fighters during WWII. In short, this is not a new problem.

A Definite Review

In order to effectively assess the causes of a tragedy like Benghazi, one needs to have deep domain expertise in both Military and Intelligence Community Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), relationships, decision processes, and/or be a skilled investigative reporter with access to real sources in those arenas. To approach this from any other angle is to do a disservice to those who died, and those who had to make tough decisions on the spot. To my understanding, while the authors have experience in the SOF community, it is very apparent that their interaction with the IC at significant levels is lacking.

We Remember

We thought it would be fitting to share the Agency's September 11th remembrances on this day. Read through these when you have time today and reflect on your own experiences on that day. We'll be adding ours as well.

CIA Employees Reflect on the Anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001

The Preservation of the Intelligence History of Navy Hill

ou can help to by sending your comments by email to ( Subect: NEPA Scoping Comments) or mail to: Jill Springer, NEPA Specialist  U.S. General Services Administration, NCR  301 7th St. SW, Room 4004  Washington, DC 20407 Please also consider writing your congressional representative and both your senators to ask for their help in securing both a prompt hearing before the District of Columbia Historic Preservation Office and appropriate historical recognition for OSS headquarters.  To avoid confusion, your letter or email should mention that the D.C. Historic Preservation Office lists the headquarters site under its current official name, the “E Street Complex.” Join us in helping honor the sacrifice of so many of our OSS and CIA predecessors by preserving this important piece of our nation’s intelligence history.

The CIA Book of Honor

Across the lobby, on the north wall, is another memorial, and Book of Honor. This one is flanked by both the American flag and the Agency flag. Above the cased book is another inscription, "IN HONOR OF THOSE MEMBERS OF THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN THE SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY ,"

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During the Vietnam War, Air America, a CIA proprietary airline, flew a variety of missions in the Far East. These missions ranged from undercover CIA operations to overt air transportation. The Republic of Vietnam and various US Government agencies contracted with Air America. - via

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A Primer On US Intelligence Vocabulary for the Press

In the wake of all the Snowden reporting, stories about the White House naming of the Kabul Chief of Station and other recent articles, many of us active or former intelligence folks have become increasingly annoyed by sloppy reporting and vocabulary by the press. So herewith follows a simple primer on the vocabulary of the intelligence world.

Special Activities Division - Part 2

The main purpose of SAD is as a service provider to other Divisions who hold Presidential Covert Action Authorities.  Essentially SAD develops and maintains capabilities, whether those capabilities are personnel, platforms, weapons systems, or non-lethal aid. SAD does NOT operate on its own agenda and it is highly scrutinized by the Executive and Legislative parts of our government.

Special Activities Division - Part 1

I have realized from reading news stories, blog posts, wiki sites, and the often hilarious (and pathetically inaccurate) tweets, that the Special Activities Division (SAD) is the most misunderstood division of the Central Intelligence Agency.

What's in a logo?

We thought it best to explain our logo, as we have had a few questions about it. We think its great and it has special meaning to us.

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A Sailor, a Marine, and a Soldier are standing at the urinals....

A Sailor, a Marine, and a Soldier are standing at the urinals....
Given my nationality and experience, I can only speak about the American people and American military. In my opinion, we as Americans, have become so uptight that NO ONE can joke or have an opinion about anything without being ruthlessly attacked.