Inglorious Amateurs was created by former Intelligence Officers of the Central Intelligence Agency with the goal of providing accurate, valid and responsible reporting on the Intelligence Community. This will be done with an eye to critical (when necessary) but fair glimpses into topics currently being discussed in Social Media, “Old” and “New Media”, and our personal experiences.

Inglorious Amateurs the name, is our take on O.S.S. founder General William Donovan’s “glorious amateurs”. As O.S.S. Society President Charles Pinck stated in his 18 March 2010 International Herald Tribune opinion piece the real “glorious amateurs” should be remembered for performing, to use Donovan’s words, “some of the bravest acts of the war.” We are at times a rag tag bunch of former Officers with varied experience, so it is only fitting that we are the few, and far between “Inglorious Amateurs”.

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