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In honor of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, Inglorious Amateurs is re-releasing the COG Shirt. 

WWII changed the world and US as a whole and the men and women who served in WWII were some of the bravest that the world has ever seen.  This shirt honors many of those same brave men and women.  Join us in honoring the few remaining WWII veterans and the Glorious Amateurs.

What started out as an “unusual experiment” ended up changing the face of WWII.  General Donovan’s “Glorious Amateurs” should be remembered for “some of the bravest acts of the war”.  Inglorious Amateurs honor those great men and women with this tribute to the OSS COG…

“Espionage is not a nice thing, nor are the methods employed exemplary. Neither are demolition bombs nor poison gas…. We face an enemy who believes one of his chief weapons is that none but he will employ terror. But we will turn terror against him…” – Gen. William J. Donovan

We aren’t too humble to say we think this shirt is badass. Conceived as a tribute to the brave officers of the OSS Contingent Operational Group, this shirt features the iconic unit insignia used by allied combined operations command forces and later adopted by OSS officers in the 3rd Contingent Operational Group.

The insignia elements contain an eagle for airborne forces, a Thompson machine gun for ground forces and an anchor for maritime forces. RUMINT reporting suggests this insignia might still be in use today by select Paramilitary Officers, but if we told you more they’d have to well…you know…

Professionally screened on the perfect 60/40 blend cotton/poly shirt. This release of the COG shirt is different in that there are no pre-order minimums, goals, or other hurdles.  You want a shirt? Order it and it's yours.  The Sale will last until June 20th and shirts are expected to ship July 3rd. 


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