Ex Intelligentia Memento Mori Shirt

Ex Intelligentia Memento Mori Shirt

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Remember Death of Intelligence

“Intelligence is the collecting and processing of that information about foreign countries and their agents which is needed by a government for its foreign policy and for national security, the conduct of non-attributable activities abroad to facilitate the implementation of foreign policy, and the protection of both process and product, as well as persons and organizations concerned with these, against unauthorized disclosure.”

Intelligence is perishable...good hunting.

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Screened on high quality heathered charcoal cotton/poly shirts in "Gray Man" and "Low Viz" (gray and black) the Ex Intelligentia Memento Mori shirt marks our first non pre-sale shirt offering. The design features two V-42 style stiletto daggers with eagle skull that was designed by freelance artist Sean Bernhardt (space_bat_killer on Instagram). We felt the design queues worked as a perfect reminder that all intelligence is perishable. 

* Note that the Low Viz black shirt is black on a dark charcoal shirt. They came out very subdued. please check the photos carefully before ordering.