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WANTED: Volunteers for immediate overseas assignment. Knowledge of French or other European languages preferred; Willingness and ability to qualify as a parachutist necessary; Likelihood of a dangerous mission guaranteed.
 - WWII OSS Recruitment Announcement

The Contingent Operational Group Version 3 (COG V3) shirt updates our original design with a new color and new quote.

We continue to honor what started out as an “unusual experiment” that ended up changing the face of WWII and American intelligence collection forever.  General Donovan’s “Glorious Amateurs” are remembered for “some of the bravest acts of the war” and we those great men and women with this tribute to the Contingent Operational Groups (COG) of the OSS.

This shirt features the iconic unit insignia used by allied combined operations command forces and later adopted by OSS officers in the 3rd Contingent Operational Group. The insignia elements contain an eagle for airborne forces, a Thompson machine gun for ground forces and an anchor for maritime forces. Continued RUMINT reporting suggests this insignia might still be in use today by select Paramilitary Officers as well as our allies overseas.

We have updated our original designs with a new quote. True to the pioneering spirit of the OSS, the original call to service here promises daring and dangerous missions. 

Professionally screened on the perfect 60/40 blend cotton/poly olive shirt. These feel and look amazing. As with all our offerings, these are single run, so once they are gone, they're gone.

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